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The Three Advantages of BiJie Conference Box


The focus of wireless projection is on the wireless word. The projection terminal is not limited by the length of the cable and the wiring position. In the range of the screen receiving range, the screen is projected at any position. The convenience of wireless projection operation has enabled consumers to gradually understand and start to purchase wireless projection devices.

The reason why the BiJie conference box has always been favored by consumers and has a leading position in the wireless projection industry is inseparable from the excellent projection performance of the box itself. The following will analyze and discuss the projection performance of the BiJie conference box based on three major advantages.

First, the high compatibility with the projection terminal

The BiJie conference box supports Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, BJCast (self-developed) projection screen protocol, compatible with the operating system of mainstream smart terminals in the market, and solves the problem that wireless projection screen devices on the market only support Miracast or Airplay single operating system for wireless projection. At the same time, using the BiJie conference box to screen the operation, the screen-casting terminal can continue to access the Internet, directly projecting the new data found on the Internet to the display terminal, and expanding the discussion scope of the meeting topic to ensure the efficiency of the meeting.

Second, there is no redundant software and hardware installation

The BiJie conference box is really "one-click screen" in operation. Simply connect the screen box and display terminal through the HDMI cable and then cast the screen. No need to install bundle software or purchase additional screen-assisted equipment. . Really from the consumer's point of view, avoiding the auxiliary software to occupy the storage space, reducing the cost of the extra cost of the wireless projection device. Without the aid of hardware and software, will the performance of wireless projection be very bad? The BiJie conference box has multiple antennas and 5G dual-band NICs. The default 5.0GHz band has super anti-interference ability and the delay is as low as 40 milliseconds, which makes the audio and video projection effect perfectly synchronized. The resolution of the BiJie conference box is also as high as 4K, which eliminates the ambiguous moments of the screen during the screencasting process.

Third, the exclusive SDK program custom development

The BiJie solution for the BiJie Conference Box is a complete set of wireless projection application development kits. The BTS network can provide a wireless projection SDK to facilitate the integration development of third-party partners. BiJie Networks' wireless projection customization solution provides one-stop intelligent hardware design (ODM/OEM) development services for large customers. Provide wireless projection hardware design solutions based on HiSilicon, Amlogic, Rockchip, Mtk and other branded SoCs, and adapt to Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, BJCast Research) A variety of wireless transmission protocols, can be customized according to the customer's needs to create customer-specific intelligent hardware, to provide users with a richer multi-screen interactive wireless projection application scenarios.

The three most advantageous advantages of the most promising BiJie conference box are inseparable from its own attitude of continuous research and improvement. BJ Networks has always believed that only by designing and developing from the perspective of users, users can get a better experience and spontaneously choose and use BiJie conference boxes.

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