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BiJie Networks' BJ60 Wireless Screening Box Reviews(2)

Performance/Airplay SDK/Miracast SDK/WiDi SDK


In the projection performance, users can freely connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices to the big screen without any wire data cable. You can bid farewell to the messy wires.

Driver-free installation, free administrator rights, easy operation, one-click projection. BJ60 wireless projection box supports video, picture, music, files and other content mirroring on the same screen.

BJ60 supports 4K ultra-high definition video output, the picture is bright and clear, and the color reproduction is high, which can bring shocking visual feast to the user.

BJ60 supports wireless projection of almost all mainstream platform terminals such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc., and the compatibility is very strong. Video transmission also supports perfect audio synchronization. The BJ60 supports H.265 & H.264 encoding technology, and the same quality video compression transmission is faster.

BJ60 supports 5G dual-band wireless WiFi, the default 5.0GHz frequency band, with super anti-interference ability, perfect picture synchronization, stable effect, multiple encryption formats to ensure transmission security. In addition, the screencast password is randomly generated and only available to the participants, which greatly enhances the confidentiality of the conference. If you do not need to set the screencast password when multiple participants remain unchanged, you can also check the “Picture PIN Code” directly in the settings area.

BJ60 is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, BJCast (self-developed) projection screen protocol, in which BJCast supports Android and Windows PC to directly cast screen by installing the transmitter software, without adding additional USB hardware devices, it can be applied to more wireless. Screening application scenarios, with high cost performance.

BJ60 can provide wireless projection screen SDK software solution, such as Airplay SDK and Miracast SDK and WiDi SDK which is convenient for third-party partners to customize development.

Compared with some consumer screen projectors, BJ60 has great advantages in stability and compatibility. I has used a variety of mobile intelligent terminals to conduct wireless projection test. The BJ60 can be perfectly compatible. In the case of screen; BJ60 supports mainstream mobile intelligent terminals to cast screens without installing any software, which increases the convenience of use; at the same time, BJ60 supports multiple wireless access modes without manual switching, which improves users' Operating experience.

I have purchased a lot of screencasters on Amazon, such as AnyCast/MiraScreen/ScreenBeam/PRIJECTOR, etc. From the compatibility/function/video effects/stability, the BJ60 is the best.

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