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BiJie conference box helps Huawei Mate 20 mobile phone become computer

Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro is the flagship mobile phone of Huawei Mate. Since its release, Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro has been hotly debated because it is the most advanced mobile phone black technology. Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro is equipped with a PC mode, and the mobile phone can be changed to a computer for mobile work.

How does Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro realize “turning a mobile phone into a computer”? You only need to carry the BJ conference box to realize multi-screen interaction between mobile phone and big screen.

The BJ conference box body is equipped with 4 external antennas, and each pair of 2.4G and 5G WiFi antennas provides a guarantee for stable reception of signals during wireless projection/multi-screen interaction.

BJ conference box has 1 HDMI interface, which can be used to connect large screen display, in addition to 5V2A interface, USB interface, LAN interface, to meet the needs of daily large-screen display equipment connection

First, find the "Wireless Screening" option in the drop-down menu of Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro.

Click "Wireless Screening" to search for the device name of the BJ conference box and click Connect.

At this time, the multi-screen interactive step has been completed with the help of the BJ conference box. In the notification bar below the drop-down menu, you can find three options: “mobile phone mode”, “computer mode” and “disconnected”, among which “mobile phone mode” "Computer mode" is the black technology of Huawei Mate 20/ Mate 20 Pro. The two screen modes are easy to choose.

The mobile phone mode is the mobile phone mirroring function, and the big screen content and the mobile phone content are exactly the same.

In the computer mode, the mobile phone and the large screen display different contents, and the PC desktop is displayed on the large screen device, the mobile phone can be used normally, and the large screen and the mobile phone do not interfere with each other.

The BJ conference box is designed with a USB interface, which can be connected to a keyboard, a mouse, etc., making the operation of typing, searching, copying and pasting in the office more convenient and improving the office efficiency.

The InBev conference box provides multi-screen interactive function. There is no need to connect any cable between the mobile phone and the BJ conference box. The WiFi signal coverage of the BJ conference box is also 30 meters wide, and the mobile phone can be placed at 30 meters. Multi-screen interaction anywhere in the range.

At present, the BJ conference box is compatible with Miracast, Airplay, Widi, BJCast (self-developed) projection screen protocol, and supports multi-screen interaction of mainstream smart terminals such as Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. In the screencasting process, the smart terminal does not need to use any data line, and it is easy to interactively move the screen content to the large-screen display device by simply connecting the BJ conference box through WiFi wirelessly.

Support iPhone and iPad to screen wirelessly through Airplay mode;
Support Android devices to screen wirelessly through Miracast mode;
Support Android devices to screen through the wireless image by installing the screencast APP method;
Support WindowsXP, Windows7 computer to mirror the screen by installing the screencast software client mode;
Support Windows8/10 notebook computer through Widi wireless image projection screen, can support extended screen wireless display;
Support Mac computers to screen through the wireless image of Airplay.

The BJ conference box supports different screen-casting devices to connect the box and screen at the same time. The two screens are displayed on the same screen, supporting video, picture, music, files and other content mirroring. The BJ conference box is also the only product in China that supports Miracast multi-channel multi-screen interaction.

As a professional multi-screen interactive product designed for enterprise-class efficient conference rooms, BJ Conference Box fully meets the product positioning and market requirements in multi-screen interactive functions and performance. , projection screen function, or product compatibility have a more prominent highlights. If you are looking for a solution that solves the multi-screen interaction of efficient office work, BJ Conference Box will be a good choice for you.

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